Agile Safe Meetup - Jira Portfolio

This week I attended a new meetup for me - Agile SAFE. I attended because they were reviewing a specific plugin for Jira that I had only heard about. Turns out it solves a lot of the problems that I have spent a lot of time in Python attempting to resolve.

Portfolio was a plugin that was acquired by Atlassian a few years ago. Now it is a full add-on to the Jira platform

  • Some of the core features are being baked into the Jira platform
  • Downloadable from Atlassian through the admin panel

Portfolio sits on top of Jira Software All changes are synced directly between the 2

Terminology: Initiative Epic Stories and bugs Sub-Tasks

Themes which align with your global strategic objectives. Themes can be assigned at the Epic level, but are a story level attribute By filtering on themes, you can see which boards are relevant to that theme

The core concept of Portfolio is being able to add high-level executive level tracking to Jira. It includes Gahnt charts and many other ‘Initiative’ and Epic level reporting and tracking tools. Essentially it allows a PM to roll up cross-functional and organization-wide projects into a single view of work. Just what I need as a PM that deals in Back-end, Front-end, data projects and internal workflow optimization projects to help other departments do better projects.

Unfortunately for me, it is a tool that only myself and maybe one other user in the organization would use and it would nearly double our Jira bill. I have seen some features in Jira break up how they do pricing for features that will only be used by a subset of users. I am going to keep my fingers crossed that this one will be the same way.


Jira Portfolio on Atlassian
Jira Portfolio Demo on YouTube

Written on July 12, 2018