Tri-Python Exploring Data

These are my quick notes from the April 16th TriPython meetup.

Francios Dion’s talk was like drinking from a fire hose of cool data things to explore. Each of these could warrant a whole hour long presentation by themselves.

Exploratory Visualization of Data and Text with Francios dimension

Chief Data Scientist at Dion Research


Stemgraphic - a stem and leaf plot Visualization, does processing and categorization of Text

InterpreStem - Natural Language Stemming

cinimatic records plots overtime with an animation

kinematic - also a command line tool

cufflinks - wrapper for plotly

Visualization analysis and design by Tamera Munsner

Missing Data

missingno - a library to see missing data. Plots the completeness of the data, showing holes.

Stemgraphics - stem and leaf plots to quickly see categorization

wordcloud package

  • able to use a jpg as a mask


Mis-Typed Data

Numbers formated as strings strings that should be NaN

Weather Data

Noaa weather for airports

cufflinks - iplots kind = ‘spread’

Written on April 16, 2018