Grammarly to the Rescue

A while ago, 2015 maybe, I used Grammarly, it was interesting but not much better than my standard spell checker. I used it for a while, in time I found it was a pain and slow, so I removed it.

After digging around for a better spell checker/grammar checker for Atom. I found something. Grammarly. While I don’t see a plugin or package for navtive support as of this writing, I can use the Markdown preview window, copy the content to clipboard then paste in a Grammarly window. A little manual but it works, and I have found I can stay focused on the next sentence rather than worrying about the previous one.

I went through every blog post. Pasted it into Grammarly and applied the corrections. In general I have not had many corrections per post. I could tell where I activated the linter, and where I was running late and had to dig in to something. A few commas here, a different verb form there.

So now I am using Grammarly again. Despite the security risks. If only some clever Atom Editor plugin author would do one for Grammarly Markdown. That would be wicked.

Written on February 6, 2018