Jupyter Notebooks with NBextensions

Juypter NBextensions Tab

While working on the post for Jupyter Notebooks on Azure I noticed an NBextensions tab I had never noticed when running a local Jupyter Notebook server.

Part of the reason my workflow in python is to experiment/build in Jupyter then transition to Atom for the final step is Atom Editors features like a code linter, snippets and tight Github integration. With NBextensions Autopep8, snippets and 3 dozen more features can be enabled directly in Jupyter.

A quick google landed me on the docs with install instructions page. Since I use conda I only had to do 2 steps, then restart my notebook server.

One of the extensions that caught my eye is Zen mode. A neat way to get away from the blank white background in Jupyter.

Jupyter Extensions - Documentation

Jupyter Extensions on GitHub

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Written on February 25, 2018