6 Jupyter Visualization Tools for 2D and 3d Images

Mattew Mccormick from Kitware presented ITK - Insight Tool Kit in Jupyter Notebooks at the March Tripython meetup. During his talk he featured a handful of Jupyter tools for working with 2D and 3D visualizations.

Interactive 3D and 2D Visualizations

ipyleaflet - will fetch interactive maps, you can zoom in, draw polygons etc. Lots of map providers listed with previewer. (Update: see my post Review: iPyleaflet Jupyter Widge)

geonotebook - developed by Kitware. Client server environment

ipyvolume - 3D plotting for python in Jupyter based on WebGL, mostly for plotting 3d data and machine learning.

pythreejs - base to ipyvolume, core library for other 3d projects.

itk-jupyter-widgets - spacial analysis with the Insight Toolkit (ITK).

Planetlabs Notebooks - Satellite image analysis demo notebooks. Planet Data has an API to search, activate, and download satellite imagery.

Written on March 23, 2018